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Our skin care specialists use the latest technology and most effective ingredients available in the medical skin care industry. Treatments are results-oriented, and are optimized when supported by professional skin care products. Our estheticians receive advanced ongoing training, and continue to work in partnership to develop and refine unique facial procedures to better serve our patients’ evolving skin care needs. whether it be a skin… Read More


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One year they asked me to travel to Africa with them to see the progress we had made, the people we’ve helped and for me in particular to focus on business generating ideas for the villages.


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In all honesty, I was curious to see if we could get Agave to grow in Africa. On this particular trip we had the privilege of meeting with 3 boys who had passed their ACT version of tests in Africa.


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We were sponsoring them to go to college and they had returned to the villages to thank us.They were so excited and so were we!The first young men in these villages EVER to go to college.

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